Harajuku I'm here!

Woke up to bright sunshine on Day 2 in Tokyo. First stop was the Apple store, yes another disaster, now that I travel with enough electronics to run a small school I also need adapters. Being the experienced, organized traveller that I am I made sure I packed the correct adapter for Japan. Or so I thought…….

Battery was running low on my laptop went to plug in power cable, took the adapter out of my suitcase only to find that the adapter had holes for 2 prongs and my laptop charger had 3 prongs! I can charge up everything else, iPad, use my hairdryer, charge camera batteries, all have 2 prongs, not the laptop charger. Grrrrrr!

As it turned out making the decision to stay in Ginza was perfect, right in the shopping area with Cartier, Tiffany, etc way out of my price range but the Apple Store was 2 minutes up the road! Checked the opening hours as most Japanese stores open at 10am, as it turned out did the Apple Store. Got there at 9.50am and there was a queue outside that went around the corner, the Apple watch was launching wasn’t it! I waited, went straight in at 10am, helpful shop assistants sold me adapters I could use worldwide and I was back online with my laptop.

Then it was time to play tourist, and back to Harajuku I went to the trendy teen (young adult) area that is well known for the alternate fashion that can be found there. 

Takeshita Street is a narrow pedestrian street that’s the most well known, it does have small laneways off it that have small fashion shops as well. I’ve been before so knew what a young hangout it was, it’s also now become very much of a stop on the tourist trail. I saw the most amount of western tourists I’d ever seen in one spot just walking up and down Takeshita Street. There were also crowds of Japanese Junior High School students on their school trip to Tokyo. They were in their uniform wandering around.

 It is interesting to have a wander around but the real show isn’t on a weekday, but rather on the weekend when all the cos players dress up and congregate in the area and the nearby park.

A few outfits to select from!

Even for a weekday around lunch time the street was really crowded, I can’t image that it would be possible to even move on a weekend.