Hotel Unizo Ginza Itchome

Tokyo, Japan

A review of the hotel I stayed in, in Tokyo. It was the Hotel Unizo (part of a chain there are others in Japan) Ginza (the area of Tokyo) Itchome was the specific zone in Ginza, it's zone 1. I booked this hotel through

Price As it was an hotel in central Tokyo the price was quite reasonable, the exact amount I paid I'm not sure until I get my credit card statement as the website price didn't include taxes. Japanese prices are always pretax, when you pay for something the consumption tax gets added on then.

Location The hotel is situated in Ginza which is in central Tokyo and also the area with the exclusive stores, you'll find a Cartier, Tiffany, Louis Vuitton all within a 5 minute walk. I selected this hotel as I wanted one close to Tokyo Station, this hotel was either a 10 to 15 minute walk from the station or one stop on the subway and then walk from the subway station. I experimented with walking vs getting the subway and the walking was quicker. Getting the subway involved walking through Tokyo station to get to the Ginza line, catching the train then navigating Ginza station's labyrinth of underground shopping areas to exit at the correct spot. All in all it took longer!

The Ginza area is more expensive but it is convenient, there were plenty of places to eat, coffee shops etc including a Subway nearby if you weren't quite up to the local cuisine!

Facilities This particular hotel offered a 'Ladies Floor' so I took up the offer and asked for a room on this floor. It offered extra security, the whole hotel had swipe cards which only allowed you access to your floor, with the Ladies Floor once you left the elevator there was another door you needed to swipe to enter that floor. The Ladies Floor offered a Ladies Lounge which included a Laundry Room, useful and I ended up using it while reading in the Ladies Lounge waiting for the laundry cycle to end.

The rooms were nicely equipped with kettle, tea/coffee (be warned if not American, there is no milk provided. They follow the American system of using whitener in coffee so that's what's offered. I think coffee whitener is revolting, so bought my own small amount of milk from the convenience store for my morning coffee) The room had free wifi, as the TV only offered Japanese stations for free having wifi filled in the news and entertainment gap!

The pink bag on the righthand side was a nice little extra touch for the Ladies Floor. It contained a rug (for your lap) and extra nice tea.

The wooden tray thing on the bed was a laptop table you could use when in bed, and a nightshirt to sleep in was also offered.

Small bathroom to go with the small room, again nice touch with various toiletries in the box on the ledge.

Summary I was quite happy with my choice of this hotel. It is new having just opened in January 2015, good location, easy enough to find, compact room but I expected this considering the price and location. I would happily stay there again.