Hotel Washington Plaza Takayama

(Takayama is also listed as Hida Takayama to distinguish it from the other places called Takayama in Japan) 

This hotel was very much a standard 'business hotel' one that would be used by business, generally men, as they travel for work reasons. Therefore it was quite cheap at around $90AUD a night.

I deliberately booked this hotel as it was opposite the Railway station. Walking out of the station I could see the red katakana sign before I saw the hotel! Being able to read katakana was helpful and then saw the 'English' sign above the door. The location was fantastic, not just the convenience of being close to the train station, but right next to the train station was the bus station from where the bus for the Hida-no-sato folk village departed. Takayama is quite compact so the historic old part of the town was just a 10 minute stroll down a mainly pedestrian street away.

When I booked this hotel it was listed as having 'free wired internet' but they seem to have upgraded and the room had free wifi. It was a standard business hotel room, there was a kettle but only green tea sachets, no coffee. It offered breakfast for an extra fee with western options as well as Japanese.

Optional Extras
Nothing really, the main selling point of this hotel was its location and price. I was quite happy with my choice as I could easily walk to the places I wanted to see, come back to the hotel for breaks, it was convenient and basic. 
When I was looking at accommodation in Takayama I noted there were more expensive (and nicer) options they were mainly ryokan style accommodation. If wanting more of an authentic Japanese experience then that's an option, a business hotel is still an authentic experience as this type of accommodation is widely used, not as nice but practical and more affordable for those travelling on a budget. Travel in Japan need not be horribly expensive.