I LOVE Business class!

My travels got off to a good start when I checked Sunday night and saw that Qantas had granted my request for an upgrade to Business Class. (Using my points, it wasn’t a free upgrade!!!) I love Business Class, I’m sure I’d adore First Class as well but have never experienced it so my all abiding love currently sits with Business.

It’s not just the flight over but the other little bonuses, like the access to the Qantas Lounges, and the express lane for going through immigration in Sydney. (None of this waiting with the crowds for the privileged of the Business Class, class!)

Once on board it was all lovely too, I have upgraded before so it wasn’t my first experience of flying Business Class, and I do have one helpful hint. Try and get an aisle seat, as despite the fact the leg room is plentiful once the seats are fully turned into beds, you may not be able to get out if you’ve got the window seat! This happened on a flight to me and I was trapped and desperately needed to use the toilet but my seatmate was completely asleep and I couldn’t get out! I even contemplated leaping from armrest to armrest but that’s where the controls are for the bed and I just envisioned myself putting my foot on the up buttons and causing the bed to sandwich the person in it! Eventually the person did wake up, and I made a dash for the toilet, but lesson learnt, aisle seat in future!

I didn’t really sleep as sadly I’m not one of those fortunates who snooze their way through long flights, I’m usually alert and grumpy watching everyone around me sleep. But at least in Business Class I was comfortable with lots of room and not sleeping rather than cramped, uncomfortable and awake.

The experience of Qantas Business Class was delightful, so thumbs up Qantas, hope to experience it again soon!