On a clear day you can see…….

Mt Fuji!

Leaving Tokyo and going south (ish) to Nagoya the Shinkansen (the bullet train) passes by Mt. Fuji. When the day is clear it's possible to get some really good views of it from the train. Make sure you sit on the right hand side going away from Tokyo and the left hand side if you're travelling towards Tokyo. Mt Fuji is quite an unmistakable shape (that of a volcano) and depending on what time of year you see it may or may not have snow on it. The summer months you just see the mountain and it's also the climbing season where recreational climbers do the once in a life time climb to the top. (The day trippers actually climb from halfway up, you catch a bus to station 5 and then walk from there!)

As it was a clear day I positioned myself at a window seat on the right hand side of the train and was rewarded with many picture opportunities. Now they can be a bit hit and miss since the train is moving through built up areas, I also ended up with pictures of buildings, another train, train stations as well as 3 really good photos.

It is said that everyone should climb Mt. Fuji once in their lifetime. To do it twice is to be a fool. I've done it once so no need to repeat the experience again! I'll just gaze at it from a distance!