Camden Lock Markets


I've been to London many times and one of the things I really love about it, is that there's always something new for me to explore. Not that the Camden Lock Markets or even the Camden area is new but it's one that's new to me.

I had seen some articles about the Camden area of London and they mentioned the markets so I thought it would be an interesting area to head off to explore.

Camden easy enough to get to, catch The Tube Northern Line, get out at Camden Town. Then out onto the main street and be met by an array of small and trendy shops, there was a signposted "Camden Market" near the Tube station and I thought that this was the renowned market. Frankly it was a bit disappointing as it was mainly clothing, t-shirts and such. A bit of a let down as I had read the markets were terrific. Regardless I pressed on as I wanted to see the lock so kept heading in that direction. Just as well I did as that's where the well-known markets are. An amazing collection of stalls and things to buy, loved it all.

First the lock (and some research!) It's a twin lock on the Regent's Canal.

There are still canal boats on the canal and it's possible to go on tourist boats around the canal.

The markets are part of the area next to the lock. I was surprised at how big the market area was. The stalls range from craft stalls, collectibles (books and records) to food. There's quite a wide selection of food choices too, among the not so well known I noted Hungarian, Peruvian, Malaysian, vegan, alongside the pizza, Chinese, Mexican, hotdog varieties.

The main food area by the canal boats was really crowded so didn't take any pictures! It was move or be crushed! The crowd was hungry!

There were stables next to the lock to house the horses that pulled the tow ropes of the canal boats, there was even a horse hospital. These stables apparently operated until just after World War II.

The stables area is now the 'Stables Market'.

I visited on a Tuesday and although it doesn't look like it in the pictures, there were still a lot of people around. (Judging from the languages spoken, mainly European tourists, lots of young adults) When taking the photos I deliberately waited until not many people were in the way of what I was taking a picture of, sometimes it was quite a wait! Weekends the crowds are enormous, particularly on a Sunday, so maybe avoid visiting on that day.

Statue of Amy Whitehouse, she lived in the area and was a regular at the markets.

I loved the markets, especially the many different items for sale, if wanting a truly different souvenir from London for yourself or friends and family, this would be the place to buy it.