London Olympic Park

Olympic Park

(Adding to my collection of Olympic Parks visited!)

Beautiful warm and sunny day today so decided to head off to Olympic Park, the site of the 2012 Olympic Games. This is my third Olympic Games site that I've been to, Sydney 2000 I attended the actual games, Beijing 2008, just visited the site 3 years after the games and now London.

The Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium for the Beijing Games.

It's reasonably easy to get out to the Games site in London, just a quick ride on the Central Line to Stratford Station. The station is right next to the Westfield Shopping Centre, infact you need to walk through the centre to the other side to get out to Olympic Park. (Very easy to get sidetracked into a little shopping!)

It's a really lovely open space around a river, quite tranquil and that's despite the fact that there's a lot of construction going on, in and around the park. The Olympic stadium is being adapted to be the home ground for an English football (soccer) team, there's an office complex being built next to the shopping centre.

People can do boat tours of the area.

You can go to the top of the Arcellomittal Orbit (that's what this is called)

Dotted along one section on the river there were these seats for people to lie down and chill out on. Big enough for couples to share. This is looking back towards the shopping centre, it's possible to see the new office complex that's being built in the background.

Across the other side of the main road is Queen Elizabeth Park, a large park which was part of the original area of the Olympic site. The velodrome is in the background.

Visiting the Olympics site was lovely, a warm day made it even nicer. There were people about enjoying the park, I saw people doing yoga on the lawns, young children playing in the water feature/fountain, older children kicking a ball around in one of the large open areas, children playing on play equipment. It's just a wonderful asset for the local people to have and use.

My only issue with my visit was all those flowers, all those plants, a windy day and bang! Achooooo! Achooo! Sniff, sniff, yep major allergy attack. So future note to self, summer in the UK, going to a park, take your antihistamines!!!!!


  1. Thanks Ophelia, I look forward to visiting these sites next time I am in London.


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