Bari, Italy

Gone south!

Have taken a quick trip to Bari, thanks to a convenient flight from Trieste. One hour flying/taking off and landing time and we’ve arrived.

Bari is the furthest south I have been so far in Italy. It’s on the Adriatic side of Italy and my previous knowledge of the city is that it was a ferry port. I found out that it’s quite a lovely city.

It has a historic central part which had been a walled city. The walls are still intact for part of the historic quarter.

This entrance is opposite the sea so would have been one of the sea entrances to the city.I think this is the oldest gate (?)

It's possible to walk along the top of the wall as far as it goes. There are some very pretty houses on the wall.

When approaching the old quarter from the mainland this large piazza is one of the first places you see, it's called Piazza Mercantile. I saw that it was very popular with wedding parties for their photos! Saw 3 different ones on the first day I was there which was a Wednesday!

Lots of little lane ways to wander down.

A variety of shrines can been seen. Under this one is a stone bench for sitting and watching the world go by as well. Often found in many old villages.

I came across these ladies just out in the open hand making orrechiette pasta which is the speciality of the Puglia region. I asked if I could take their photo and they said go ahead.

Whilst there are many buildings in the historic quarter that have been restored, there's also many that haven't. I liked the rustic nature of this one.

It is currently quite hot in southern Italy but in the shade there seemed to be a cool breeze blowing from the sea so conditions weren't oppressive.

Just managed to get a small taste of Bari and its historic headland, was very pleasantly surprised at how lovely the town is.