London, UK

Miscellaneous London

I thought miscellaneous London was the most apt title as I had some unrelated photos that I took. They were interesting enough to me to post, but not relating to a particular place in London.

The Gloucester Road Tube station entrance facing Cromwall Road. I had recently read a book about The Tube and its history (am now further establishing my history nerd credentials!) and discovered that originally it had been various private railways. The Metropolitan Railway had been one, this Italianite entrance was the station built in 1868 for what is now the Circle line and so is one of the oldest lines in The Tube complex. The establishment of The Tube dates back to 1863, in 2013 there were large celebrations in London for the 150th anniversary.

In 1906 the Piccadilly line was opened at Gloucester Road and this was the station for that line, just behind the older 1868 building. (research!) The stations are joined together, I just found the 2 old station facades interesting.

Not at Gloucester Road station, but the escalators going down to the Piccadilly line which is a deep underground line. Just fascinated by the lengths of the escalators. Also found out that the 'stand to the right' rule dates back to 19th century, even then people were in a hurry! (The left is for people to run up or down the escalators)

One of my days in London I happened to be walking through Leicester Square and saw a crowd behind barriers. Looked closer and I saw they were infront of the Odeon Theatre where the major movie premieres are held in London. These people were waiting to see the stars of the movie (Entourage) who would be there that night, this was at 11am! The red carpet was that evening! Dedicated lot I thought!

Chinatown in London, this is Gerrard St, the main road through with the Chinese gate. This was my first time walking around Chinatown, up until this trip wasn't exactly sure where it was! It's in Soho, just behind Shaftsbury Avenue.

Trafalgar Square on a Saturday afternoon, full of people and also these performers. They pose for tourists to take their pictures and leave tips, thought they were original then saw others in Prague's Old Town Square! So a common sight in famous tourist destinations it seems!