Mildred's Restaurant, London

Mildred's Restaurant, London

Where do I go to eat?

When travelling independently trying to find places to eat in unfamiliar cities can be somewhat confusing. Particularly somewhere like London which has a multitude of restaurants and cafes. Local knowledge when meeting up with friends or relatives is convenient as they then to take you to their favourites eateries. Now I also check other people's travel blogs, and Mildred's restaurant was one that appeared in some different ones as a recommended restaurant to try.

I wanted to try it as it's also a vegetarian restaurant, I'm not strictly vegetarian I just don't eat red meat. I don't like the taste, at a non-vegetarian restaurant I'm usually left with 3 or 4 choices on a menu and have people wonder how I can decide so quickly. It's easy when your options are limited! Needless to say I love the idea of being able to choose from the whole menu!

Mildred's is in Soho, I used my map app to find it. Not difficult at all, stroll down Regent Street, turn left, walk a bit more, turn into Lexington Street and there it was.

It is quite 'compact' and having read other blogs I learnt that it's very popular and doesn't take reservations. It opens for lunch at 12 noon so get there soon after if you want a table. I think I was there at about 10 past, by about half past it was all full. The front section has large bowls of salads and it does take away, the back section is where the restaurant seating is.

The reviews I had read talked about the vegan food you can order so I made the assumption that it was a totally vegan restaurant. That also made me curious since I had never eaten vegan. I ended up ordering the pasta dish of the day. 

(This was my first time taking food pictures in a restaurant, I don't know how the food bloggers do it. I felt like a total dill, very self conscious as I furtively looked around to  check that no-one could see what I was doing. And thinking I was a twat for taking pictures of my lunch!)

After thoroughly enjoyed my pasta, I realised that it wasn't exactly vegan! Then I looked at the menu more closely and saw that the restaurant was vegetarian and it offered vegan options. (Also gluten free) So major fail on my part, first time I tried to eat vegan I automatically went with cheese and cream and ignored the vegan choices! Oops! It does serve healthy drink options with organic juices and lists their alcoholic drinks as either vegan or vegetarian. It still has the less healthy options such as diet coke! If you're having to wait for an available table, you can pass the time by sipping on one (or two!) of their cocktails.

Mildred's is open from 12 noon to 11pm Monday to Saturday, it doesn't take reservations so either get there as soon as it opens or try later in the afternoon away from peak times. It was reasonably priced for a London restaurant, my pasta was delicious and I'm fussy about Italian food. Most of the people around me I noticed opted for various salad combinations, and the servings were generous. The restaurant is easy to find so if you're a stranger to London, you probably won't end up wandering aimlessly around trying to find it.

Here is their website