The Topiary Cafe, Tea Tree Gully

Topiary Café, Tea Tree Gully

An outing closer to home to post about. Reading some other people’s travel blogs I saw that restaurant and café reviews are regularly posted. I thought “hmm I eat out, I can include some of the more interesting ones too!”

Here’s my first attempt, an old favourite of mine to visit, the Topiary Café at Tea Tree Gully. The café is part of the Newman’s nursery complex so a drive out to the café tends to conclude with a wander through the nursery as well.

Entrance to The Topiary Cafe

The enclosed outdoor verandah, heated with those outdoor overhead heaters so pleasant even on a cold winter's morning.

We were there bright and early on a Saturday morning just after they opened at 9am for breakfast. Walking through the café to the outdoor seating, I could see that all the indoor tables had reserved signs on them, it’s very popular! We booked, so had a table set up for us.

I had been to the café many times for afternoon tea, lunch, and even high tea (which was very nice!) and once before for breakfast (not a morning person so not something I do regularly!)

The setting is lovely as the café is in a valley (so hillside either side) at the entrance of the road going into the Adelaide Hills to Birdwood. With it being part of the nursery the garden seating area is pretty as well. It’s winter at the moment so not a lot of colour, but come spring the wisteria blooms and it’s stunning to be outside.

Summer outdoor area.

Topiary garden next to entrance, the young tree with the purple flowers is a tulip magnolia, they were being sold in the nursery. Very pretty and very different.

The group of friends who breakfasted with me went with the traditional cooked breakfast route. With a “Don’t eat anything yet, I want to take a picture first!” exclamation from me, I’ve got pictures some of the café’s breakfasts. Verdict from all, it was delicious.

This was mine, scrambled eggs with haloumi cheese, which they make on the premises. (I don't eat red meat so no bacon (bleugh!) and as far as I'm concerned cooked tomatoes should only be in pizza or pasta sauce!) The haloumi was superb! This was the Landscaper's Breakfast with added haloumi.

Scrambled with bacon.

Others had the Gardener's breakfast with different variations of eggs.



Carrot cake pancakes with cream cheese ice-cream which apparently was delicious!

Link to the café’s website to see their menu as well

With breakfast and conversation over, it was time for a stroll through the nursery. As it’s winter the camellias were in bloom, I love camellias so sighed contentedly when I saw them.

Newman’s Nursery is a historic one, old for Australian and South Australian standards as it was established in the late 1850s closeby to its present location. (The ruins of the original nursery are in the nearby Anstey’s Hill Conservation park, it’s something to see when out bushwalking) The current location dates back to the post WW2 era and was originally part of the garden for one of the Newton’s, the hillside plantings of camellias are from that garden. 

Hillside camellias

The family then established the commercial nursery which is still going today.

The Topiary Cafe and Newman's Nursery are perfect for a lovely day out, nourishing both for the stomach and soul!

A bit of trivia for non-Australians, the reality of living in Australia is that there will be major fires during the dry summer months so people need to be on alert. Entering a fire danger area such as the Adelaide Hills there are these signs:

they're a visual reminder for people, that they need to take care and modify what they are planning on doing that day. (Eg don't use electrical grinders as the sparks from these in recent years have caused some major fires, which burnt large swathes of land and threatened people's houses!)