Brighton, U.K.


(The original one in the UK!)

Australia, having been a former British colony, has a multitude of places named after ones in the U.K. And it has not one, but two places called Brighton. There's a beachside suburb of Melbourne called Brighton and there's another beachside suburb in Adelaide also called Brighton. The Adelaide Brighton has a 'Hove' right next to it just like the one in the U.K.

The U.K. town of Brighton had been recommended to me as a nice place to visit, the added attraction was that it had a famous beach and pier. It had a real English seaside feel to it. I hadn't really planned to visit Brighton this trip until I was booking flights and realised I needed to fly out of Gatwick. Looking for touristy places close to Gatwick I discovered that Brighton was only 20 minutes away by car. And so Brighton ended up on the travel itinerary! This is how I plan, things just kind of fall into place, it pays to be flexible.

A view of the beach from the pier. The day wasn't very warm, about 20 degrees Celsius, so the beach didn't have many people on it. On a hot day I was told you couldn't move for the amount of people on the beach. The beach is pebbles, the positives are not finding sand in every nook and cranny. Negatives, not very comfortable to lie on and it's hard on your bare feet! 

The Brighton Pier.

The entrance to the pier and the amusement arcade.

From the pier looking up the coast.

I thought this was quite sweet, very English seaside with the carousels. (The cranes in the background are working on the redevelopment of the West pier area that was destroyed by a storm and fire)

I originally took this photo of the Grand Hotel as I loved the beautiful old building, just opposite the seaside. A friend later reminded me that this was the building that was bombed during the 1984 Conservative Party conference, a large section of the front facade was destroyed. Five people were killed by the bomb which was placed by the IRA with the intention of killing Margaret Thatcher. She escaped uninjured.

Further down the beach, nearer to the West Pier are these arches which now house a variety of different shops. Such as art, craftwork and clothing. The arches had been boat sheds at one stage.

In the distance is the burnt out remains of the West Pier.

This is Regency Square, it has some beautiful old building which have been converted to small hotels, including the one where I stayed. (A review coming later!) It's opposite the West Pier, which is now a construction site, so my pretty sea view had 2 large cranes in the way!)

Brighton is lovely, it's small enough to walk around quite easily. I had a car but it spent the day in the carpark under Regency Square!