The Lanes and Brighton Pavillion

The Lanes and Brighton Pavillion

Wandering around away from the sea.

The Brighton seafront is lovely but there are other places to see in Brighton. Walking from Regency Square to the Brighton Pier area you come across the area called "The Lanes". It's a series of small lane ways with little shops amongst them, a lot of jewellery shops it appeared to me. It was nice to walk around and check out the shops.

An amazing confectionary store!

The Brighton Pavillion is probably the best known landmark in Brighton (apart from the pier perhaps). It was originally built by King George IV as a holiday home (palace!) for him by the seaside. After he died it passed to his brother, the new King William IV who also used it as a summer retreat, and then Queen Victoria. She did use it for a short time but didn't like it as she felt on display and wanted somewhere more private and eventually bought land on the Isle of Wight and built Osborne House. (Her son sold that as he didn't like it!) Queen Victoria sold the Pavillion to the Brighton city council and then proceeded to remove all the furniture and furnishings, the council had bought a shell of a palace. They wanted to open it up to the people of Brighton and eventually Queen Victoria returned various items to the Pavillion.

It's open to tourists, the garden is free to enter and was very popular with people the day I was there.

Great excitement for me, a squirrel! We don't have them in Australia so I'm always thrilled to see them!

The Pavillion seen through the garden, it's been restored to what it was during George IV's time.

The Pavillion was originally a house and then extended in the early 19th century by architect John Nash in Indo-Islamic style which was very fashionable then.

Grand entrance gate from London side of Brighton, the look is very 'Indian palace'.

View of the Pavillion from the main road.

Unfortunately there were signs inside the Pavillion that photography was not allowed. The rooms have been restored and in particular I liked the music room with its grand decorations. The banqueting room was quite spectacular as well.

By the time I had finished looking inside, the clouds had disappeared and blue sky appeared. Thought it was worth taking a photograph from the main road again as I liked the contrast of the white building against a bright blue sky.