Bari, Museum at the Sacrario

Sacrario dei caduti d'oltremare

At the ground level of the sacrarium, there is a military museum with displays on the campaigns the Italians were involved in. The casualties of those campaigns make up the names of those interred at the sacrarium.

It's a typical military museum with a variety of old guns, etc. It was interesting for me to see the maps and pictures of campaigns such as Tobruk which I had learnt from the English/Australian side.

This photo I found quite poignant.

The caption states that it's Australian soldiers helping an injured German soldier captured at El Alamein. 

One section of the museum, it's divided into various campaigns and countries.

It's not just World War II campaigns but older ones as well. This was the Eritrea and Somalia campaigns from the 1930s.

In the cases are 2 outfits from those countries, brought back as trophies.