Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay

Flower Dome

Gardens by the Bay

On a previous visit to Gardens by the Bay I had visited the glasshouse called the Cloud Dome. This visit I decided to visit the other glasshouse called the Flower Dome. It is possible to visit both and there is a reduced price ticket for entry to both. As a firm believer in the 'less is more' principle I didn't want to see both in the one visit. For me it would be a case of plant overdose! Just going to one meant that I could appreciate the time spent in seeing the one I did. The Cloud Dome was great so I had high expectations for the Flower Dome.

Entering the Flower Dome the first series of plantings are succulents and arid garden plants. For someone who lives in an arid state, they are regular garden plants and not that special!

Arid plants on the top entry level and then down to the flower garden.

Wooden sculptures.

Geraniums, which made me smile since these are the plants we take cuttings from them, very mediterranean! The olive trees are amazing, huge old gnarled trunks.

Lots of posing around the daisy bush, again something that amused me as it's a common garden plant in Australian gardens!

The main garden display I loved, I had been puzzled as to why the music in the glasshouse was all children's songs and rhymes. Mystery solved the flower gardens were based around nursery rhymes.

The Flower Pot Men. Guess the others!

It was a sweet and delightful display. I had originally been rather underwhelmed when entering the glasshouse and seeing all the succulents, but ended up really enjoying all the displays themed around nursery rhymes.