Karon Beach, Phuket

Karon Beach, Phuket

So, enough of the historic buildings, let's move onto the main reason people go to Phuket. The beaches! I stayed at Karon Beach, I didn't organise this trip so had little idea of what to expect. After being driven through the very popular Patong Beach area with all its themed restaurants. (HardRock Cafe, Hooters!) Karon Beach was perfect, quiet and calm. (For those looking for pulsating nightlife and crowds, Patong Beach is only a 20 minute taxi ride away.)

The beach was beautiful but Thailand in January is quite hot, slather on that sunscreen! I love the heat and even I could feel my skin burning!

Obligatory stereotypical picture of one's knees whilst at the beach! I couldn't resist the temptation to do so! The ocean itself looked like one huge infinity pool, the water was that calm.

Looking south down Karon Beach.

The water was absolutely beautiful, quite warm. (I'm a bit of a delicate flower when it comes to cold water!) It does get deep quite quickly, so it's possible to stand and float close to shore. 

In the distance there is a traditional long boat, you can see them going along the coast. Tourists can be taken out to the nearby islands, Phi Phi and James Bond Island (A James Bond Film was made there!)

Table with a view at a beach cafe on the southern part of Karon Beach.

Drank half the smoothie before I thought to take a picture, need to work on my photographing of food and drink timing!!!

From my hotel you would pass by this beachside shrine with otherings placed on it.

Karon Beach was lovely would highly recommend the area, especially if you're after a relaxing holiday more than a 'let's party!' one.