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Travel Tip #2

Surviving long haul flights


Long haul flights are just awful, there's no other word for them. Long, tedious and an exercise in endurance. The only way to get through them is to have things to get you through the flight. Some people can watch 5 or 6 movies, I found that I can't. Three seems to be my maximum and then I've had enough, so I need some other distraction.

Lucky for me I've been a huge reader since childhood so books have been a saviour for me on long haul flights. And none of these 200 page novels, I want a solid, thick, page turner of a book.(The thicker the better, I have hours to kill!) Thrillers are my go to books for flights, I need a storyline that makes me want to turn the page and keep me distracted and involved in the story.

Here's a selection of my current favourites, these are all authors whose books I buy as soon as a new one is published. I've now got to the stage where I will buy one and then save it for when I'm next travelling. I do still buy physical copies of books, I will read a mixture of a physical book and an ebook on a flight. I used to travel with a small library in my suitcase, but now I tend to have one physical book and 5 ebooks loaded onto my iPad. (This freed up an amazing of amount of space in my luggage!)

I've also found that many hotels now have a library section where you can borrow one of their books or leave a book you're read. I did this during my stay in London last year, I left the book I had read on the flight over and read one of theirs during my stay.

I don't read a lot of travel books, my exception was one of the books in the photo. I bought the book in Singapore and loved it. The book is Final Notes, from a Great Island by Neil Humphreys. He writes about his final exploration of the island of Singapore before he leaves to live in Australia. I loved the book as Singapore is one of my favourite places, and his book introduced me to parts of Singapore I didn't know about.