Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus (pronounced Oar-hus, I asked a Dane how to say it as I wasn't being understood when I said it. I was pronouncing it as 'Arh-hus') is the second largest city in Denmark and it's a major port and university town. I had a local connection as I went to visit a friend of a friend who lived just outside of Aarhus.

Driving into Aarhus I was taken past this traditional thatched roof house, naturally I did what any self-respecting tourist would do and called out "Stop! Please". Obliging friend did so and I have a nice picture!

In the outskirts of Aarhus is Marselisborg Palace, it belongs to the Danish queen and the royal family stay in it during their Easter holidays and a few weeks during the summer. It's an inhabited palace (more of a large stately home), but what really impressed me about it, is that when the royals aren't at the palace, the grounds are open to the public, for free. It's a local park for anyone who wants to spend time there. I was lucky that I was there a week before the Queen was due so could wander around the grounds, a week later the gates would have been shut and that's what I would have seen---closed gates!

Around the house are large expanses of lawn and there's a view of the Bay of Aarhus as well.

The backyard pool!

Part of the grounds, the actual palace is closed off but people can just wander around, picnic where they want. It was really lovely.

The herb garden close to the palace. There are interesting sculptures dotted around the grounds, both Queen Margrethe and her husband are very artistic. Her husband sculpts.

A pond with lillypads.

The canal that runs through the city, there are various cafes and restaurants along the canal. I liked that if you sat outside the chair would have a blanket for you incase you felt cold! The blanket was for you to cover your knees and you could tuck yourself in to the chair.

Aarhus has a really impressive art museum called ARoS, which was interesting to visit, particularly the modern art part of it. There's also a large cathedral, I visited both but didn't seem to take any photos!