I've been in China

China visit

I've spent the last week in China or as I've started referring to it "The Land of Blocked Internet"!! Flew into Singapore last night (The Land of Unblocked Internet) and I have access to my blog again!

Managed to take this picture at dusk flying to Singapore, there's no colour correction this was the colour of the sky as darkness fell.

I've been to China before so knew that certain sites, such as Facebook were blocked, what I didn't know was that the Chinese government had a fallout with the Google corporation so there's no access to any thing google. Including blogger! (gmail is blocked, so is the google search engine you have to use either yahoo or bing) The other blocked sites are Instagram (so no updating my pictures from China! Twitter and Youtube)

Expats who live in China all use a vpn (a virtual proxy network) to access those blocked sites but being there only for a few days I hadn't thought to download one (also discovered my phone had very little data storage on it! So couldn't download a vpn, serves me right for getting a cheap deal with the phone!) I could still use the internet and was fascinated to see what wasn't blocked (trashy news sites it seems were fine e.g. Dailymail (don't judge everyone has their little guilty pleasures!)

I missed Youtube as I tend to watch that in short bursts, reading the Chinese English language paper while I was there, I found out that China has their own version of youtube. The story I read was about a Chinese vlogger who is quite popular with her comedy videos, but she uses rude language in them (basically she swears) so her channel got taken down! She agreed not to swear and her channel was reinstated and in her latest video the paper reported there was "no saucy language" That's a direct quote! Amused me tremendously!


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