Middleton, South Australia


Nowadays Middleton is known as a holiday town about an hour from Adelaide, on the south coast. Originally it was founded as a railway siding. It was the 'middle location' between Goolwa (where cargo was unloaded from the riverboats) and Port Elliot (where the cargo was loaded onto sea going ships). A single track railway line was laid between the 2 towns and loops had to be included in the line to allow carriages to pass, Middleton was the location of a loop. 

Much later it became a place to take on a seaside holiday and what is now the B&B called Mindacowie was opened first as the Temperance Hotel and then a guest house for holiday makers.

Middleton is very much the relaxed and casual Australian seaside holiday town, there are no resorts or high rises, just a caravan park and holiday cabins. Some B&Bs, but mainly privately owned holiday homes that can also be rented out.

Middleton B&B.

The attraction at Middleton is the large surfing beach, which even in April (our autumn) when I took these photos had the keen surfers in the water.

The beach has large deposit of seaweed as the waves bring it in from the Southern Ocean.

It took a while for me to get pictures of the surfers actually surfing! I realised that a lot of surfing is waiting around to catch a wave.

Most of the surfers entered the water from the beach and then paddled out, some took the more dangerous option (to me at least) and went out onto the rocks and from there jumped into the deeper water and paddled quickly to avoid being pushed back into the rocks.

One last historic building, what had been the Middleton Mill, it was a steam driven mill and has now been converted into a private home.