Yu Garden, Shanghai

Yu Garden, Shanghai

Also seen it called Yuyuan Garden

This garden had been recommended to me as a place to see in Shanghai. I found it among the historic buildings in Nanshi.

I've since done some research on it and found out it was originally established in 1577. Its fortunes have fluctuated over the years, eventually it fell into disrepair, it was extensively restored from 1956 to 1961 when it was open to the public. It's now a national monument.

The garden covers an area of about 5 acres (2 hectares) and it's in a series of 'rooms' you pass through as you wander around.

This is one of the passages to another 'room' or part of the garden.

This tower is a viewing platform from which the original owners could enjoy views of the garden.

A bamboo grove.

A covered bridge to take you to a different part of the garden. Large carp in the water.

That's a dragon tail on top of the wall, separating this part of the garden from another part.

The dragon head seems to be the symbol for the garden since it's used on the entry ticket.

The garden is quite famous for its rockery, I saw it but I'm a bit 'meh' about rockeries as they are common sights in Australian gardens so I didn't take any photos! I liked the Asian parts most with the water and the maples and the bamboo.

Worth visiting along with spending time in Nanshi. Very popular with tourists so be prepared for crowds!