Astor House Hotel, Shanghai

The hotel for those who want to stay somewhere with character.

I chose to stay at this hotel due to its historic past, and I wasn't disappointed!

The hotel dates back on this location to 1858, and boasts that it's the oldest western style hotel in Shanghai. It positively oozes history! Einstein had been a guest! The hotel did go through a period of decline, but it was renovated in the early 2000s.

 The lobby, there was an art exhibition being held at the far end during my stay.


It's what I would call a mid price range hotel, good value when you consider its location, and breakfast was included in the price of the stay. The other historic hotel on The Bund called the Peace Hotel is in the luxury hotel price range. With the Astor Hotel you get history without the 'breaking the bank' price tag!


View from the Garden Bridge, the large white building infront is the Russian consulate.

Fantastic location at the northern end of The Bund, just walk over the historic Garden Bridge (with its great views of Pudong) and you were at the Bund. Convenient location for the tourist office, a subway station was only a 10 minute walk away, and it was a direct line from Hongqiao railway station and airport.


As with many old hotels the rooms were a generous size!

The room had tea/coffee making facilities and a basket of snacks with some fruit was also included. There was even a fax machine!

A large bathroom with a bath and shower, nowadays the trend seems to be for one, generally a shower as the bathtub is removed to make for a walkin shower.

Breakfast is served in the Peacock Room, which is also where the Shanghai Stock exchange was relaunched in the early 2000s.

It was just gorgeous, a fantastic restoration!

When the Peacock Room is booked for a function, breakfast is then served in the ballroom, also beautiful.

In the centre of the room was a slightly raised circular dance floor (I kept stumbling on the rise!) I could just imagine how fabulous the room would have looked in the old days with the balls held there. There was a stage at the front for an orchestra or band.

Optional extras

There is a cafe in the lobby but no separate restaurant or bar.

With this old style hotel, there was a reading room with historic photos on the wall.

There were separate conference rooms for private functions.

The hallway to the rooms.

I loved this hotel, it was everything I adore in a place to stay. Historic with character and would definitely stay here again. If you like ultra modern, lots of glass, chrome, clean lines this is not the hotel for you, the modern Pudong area has plenty of those types of hotels. This is more for those who like a 'character' hotel, it is looking a little scuffed around the edges (all that wood!) but still has beautiful areas that make a stay special and different from the many hotels you would stay in. This one is memorable!