A Shanghai assortment

The day I arrived in Shanghai was a beautiful sunny one and I managed to get this photo.

Stunning if I say so myself! Pudong, photo taken from the Garden Bridge at the top of The Bund. (Garden Bridge is the oldest steel bridge in China, it was constructed in 1907, although there had been other bridges on that same spot)

The next morning and the following few days, this was the weather!

I had chosen a heritage hotel at the top of the Bund across what's called a creek (I would say a river!) to the Huangpu River that the Bund runs along. I didn't realise that I was so close to this fantastic sight of the new area called Pudong.

There's a constant flotilla of river barges that up the river from the ocean I assume. The Bund originally was a series of wharves and quays to unload the barges in the area that was the International Settlement.

Late afternoon on the Bund, it's been redeveloped as a promenade along the river. The bank has been raised as flood protection in the event of a typhoon. The promenade is considerably higher than the road that runs along it. The building with the clock is the Customs Building from when the whole area infront of it was filled with trading ships. The tall building with the green roof is the Peace Hotel, a beautiful heritage hotel (somewhat expensive hotel to stay in!) a nice place to stop in for afternoon tea. 

This building is not on the Bund but rather on the creek that runs off the Bund. It was the old Post Office, it's now a Postal Museum.

Also along the smaller river, closeby the Bund was this heritage house, I think it's part of what had been the British consulate.

Back behind the house was a pedestrian street with restored western heritage buildings and showing the kind of wealth there's now in Shanghai, the Christie's auction house.

Walking further inland from the Bund, I came across these row of apartments. Not been gentrified as they were in their original condition with laundry etc piled up on the balconies.

This floral display was on a traffic island where the Huangpu River meets Suzhou Creek. I loved the dolphins, later seeing different parts of Shanghai I saw that this type of topiary was popular in the street gardens with all kinds of shapes.