MRT Singapore

Getting around in Singapore

As a tourist by far the easiest way to move around is by using the MRT. The MRT is the Singapore subway system (MRT stands for Mass Rapid Transit, I looked it up!) So basically moving the most amount of people in the quickest possible time. The oldest lines were opened in the late 1980s and a new one is due to open at the end of this year. The MRT is easy to navigate, it's clean, fairly cheap, fast and safe.

Tickets are bought from the automatic dispensing machines, all in English, to encourage you to reuse your ticket there are discounts on how many trips (to to 6) you use the ticket. It does get crowded at busy times, but the stations are quite spacious so it doesn't feel claustrophobic.

The entry gates into one of the stations.

The platforms are all enclosed so passengers don't have access to the tracks. Also helpfully painted on the ground are where embarking and disembarking passengers are to stand! Electronic signs tell you when the next train is about to arrive, they are a few minutes apart generally. This is the Orchard station, on the shopping area of Orchard Road. It's on the red line and is one of the oldest (dating to the late 1980s!)

Dhoby Ghaut station, a popular transfer station and one I use quite a bit when getting around on the MRT.

I couldn't resist this photo, it reminded me of when sheep or cattle are loaded onto trucks. The passengers were all funnelled to the up escalator, along with me. I pushed back to urge to go "baa, baa!"