Havana, Cuba


Sadly not a place that I've actually visited but it's on the list! A friend of mine was there recently, and I found that pictures that they shared so interesting I asked for permission to share them on this blog as well. 

The National Theatre

Tourists have been going to Cuba for years, as far back as the 1930s, the early Castro years saw the tourism industry die, but since the 1980s it's slowly taken off again. Cuba is very popular with European tourists and there are numerous daily flights from different cities in Europe, the Canadians as well have been holidaying in Cuba for many years. There are purpose built resorts for the tourists to stay in, but I love the pictures of Old Havana. That's what I would love to see, should I ever visit.

The buildings reflect the wealth that was around in the Old Havana days, some of the buildings, such as this one have been restored, others are in need of restoration.

Museum of the Revolution, beautiful building. I guessed it was a revolution museum as it had an old tank infront of it. Checked and I was right!

Cuba is also famous for its beautiful old cars, these 1950s cars were preserved for a practical reason as no new ones could be imported with the US embargo. They're a tourist attraction in themselves and used as taxis as well.

This view interested me as well, Soviet era housing, the apartment block on the left. The Soviet Union subsidised Cuba, and it seems that included their architecture, similar apartment blocks can be seen in eastern Europe.