Thorngrove Manor, South Australia

A privately run small luxury hotel.

Spring has officially begun in Australia, and it's also the season of the Open Garden scheme. Private gardens are open to the public, you pay an entrance fee to the garden owners which is then donated to a charity or charities of their choice.

The garden at Thorngrove Manor was opened for the first time in ten years. And it proved to be very popular with a large crowd of people walking around, taking pictures without too many people in them was a challenge!

The house (manor) was built in 1984 in the style of a baroque manor, the interiors in particular are very manoresque! It's run as a small luxury hotel with only a few rooms and it's popular for special occasions. 

It was lovely to walk around the grounds (the manor wasn't opened), having previously only seen it from the road.

The detail in the building is amazing and as it's now over 30 years old (a baby in real manor years!) it's being to look aged.

Undercover entrance to the hotel.

Tower view from the garden.

The garden has some rather cute touches, such as this topiary dog.

Thorngrove Manor is in Stirling in the Adelaide Hills, it's not far (about 20 minutes on the freeway) from Adelaide and a good base from which to explore the Adelaide Hills.