What's in my bag.

The non-trendy traveller version!

I like to read other travel blogs and also watch vloggers who travel on youtube. I saw that a popular thing to do is show what's in their bags as they travel. Basically appealing to their readers and viewers nosier side! Mine too!

But from what I've seen they all seem to have expensive tastes, the contents of my travel bag I thought was a bit more realistic.

Here's my version of what I take with me in my handbag (for North Americans, my purse). I also have a backpack that I use for carryon items, I don't travel all that light!

The bag I use is not an elegant Prada bag or any other kind of designer bag that seems to get used! It's cloth bag I bought at the local accessories shop for $20! But it turned out to be the perfect handbag when travelling as it has outside pockets, that's where I keep the packs of tissues, the hand sanitiser, any tickets I've been given, scraps of paper with important information that I need to find quickly! Saves a lot of rummaging around inside the bag.

Inside the bag I have:

  •  my documents folder, I just got a new zipup one so I don't have to worry about things falling out anymore!
  • a notebook for taking notes about anything I need to, addresses etc. I also use it to write down words in other languages that I want to learn. I'm a visual not an aural learner, so I need to see a word written, rather than just hear it to remember it. (My top tip for learning a language by immersion)
  • a camera
  • a diary, I'm old school enough to want a physical diary even though I know there's a calendar on the iPhone. I never look at it! Plus the diary is where I write names, phone numbers, passport number (!) incase the iPhone battery is flat!
  • I also have an iPod with music on it, I've had to delete all the music from my iPhone as I didn't have enough storage on it! Travelling by train in particular I love to listen to music as I look out the window and see the landscape go by.
  • iPhone, which I connect to wifi when travelling, I only actually have 2 travel apps on it. The London Underground map and maps.me an app that uses your phone's gps to show you where you are and it doesn't need wifi to use. 
  • tissues, a must, normally I have at least 2 packs. You never know when you'll need them and there's always a toilet somewhere that you need to use that has no toilet paper!!
  • hand sanitiser, I'm not too neurotic about travel germs so don't use the sanitiser that much. But I do draw the line at horrible public toilets, that's where the hand sanitiser is used liberally!
  • hand cream, to use mainly on the plane. Long haul flights in particular will dry you out.
  • purse (wallet) with cards, and currency of where ever it is I'm travelling to. I keep the currency of my first stop (or only stop, if just visiting one country) and any other currency in small ziplock bags. I then just change the currency around.
These are the basic items that I carry onto a flight, the bag I use is a perfect size (not too small, not too big) that I can also cram in when sight seeing; a magazine, or a newspaper, or a bottle of water, or a snack of some sort. The all important sunglasses too, I'm blind without them on a bright sunny day!

In addition to a handbag I have a carryon bag with other items, I'll save that reveal for a later date!