Himeji Garden, Adelaide

A Japanese enclosed garden

In the 1980s, to mark the sister city linking of Adelaide with Himeji in Japan, a Japanese garden was created in the South Parklands, just off South Terrace.

The original garden was created by parkland staff and was opened in 1985. However it did lack some traditional Japanese garden elements. The garden that this there today was one that was redesigned by Japanese landscape designers in 1990 to include more traditional aspects of a Japanese garden.

The creators of the garden had to also factor in the different climate of Adelaide to anywhere in Japan. The hot, dry summers are very different to the humidity of a Japanese summer. Some plants that thrive in Japan, such as Japanese maples don't do well in hot, dry conditions. (I should know, I have killed a few attempting to grow them!) Some of the plants included in the garden are ones that cope well with the local climate, I did however miss there not being any azaleas. Azalea hedges are part of streetscapes as well as gardens in Japan.

Water features prominently in a Japanese garden, usually with koi or turtles in the ponds. This one had a duck!

It even has a zen garden corner.

The garden is a lovely peaceful oasis in the city. There is very little traffic that passes by where it's located, once inside the garden there's a real sense of tranquility.