Kuranda, Far North Queensland

'A Village in the Rainforest'

Kuranda is a small town on the Atherton Tableland which is the destination of the Skyrail. The Skyrail station is a short walk from the town centre. (There is also a free shuttle bus for those who don't want to walk)

The Kuranda Hotel, the first major building you pass walking into town. Beautiful old Queensland style hotel with wide wooden verandahs. It says established 1880 which is very close to when the surrounding area was cleared for farming (in 1876) It seems farmers were a thirsty lot, or an entrepreneurial farmer saw a business opportunity!

Kuranda was established as a farming area, with coffee being grown there at first. Then timber became its main industry, tourism soon followed and now the town is reliant on the tourism industry.

The main street, the businesses all cater to tourists.

I liked how the main street railings, barriers and bollards are artworks, they're functional as well as decorative.

The town had a reputation as a place that attracted people searching for an 'alternative' lifestyle who were artistic. Popular local markets were set up for these artisans to sell their handiwork, these markets still exist but aren't as large as they were at their peak.

The Rainforest market.

And the Heritage Market.

Just outside the Heritage market, I heard this consistent loud noise like a tantruming young child. It was this bird making the noise!

Kuranda is a pretty little town, a nice destination once you disembark from the Skyrail. It's well set up for tourists with a variety of places to eat and a few different places to experience. And multiple places to shop at!!