Trinity Beach, Australia

A far north Queensland getaway

Trinity beach is now considered a northern suburb of Cairns. It's a long stretch of sandy beach with a relaxed feel to the surrounding accomodation and facilities.

It was a lovely place to escape to for a few days courtesy of expiring mileage points that needed to be used! I flew into Cairns and then drove to Trinity Beach, which was only 15 minutes away. 

On the beach looking north.

On the beach looking south towards Cairns. That's the Coral Sea, part of the Pacific Ocean but no huge waves as the Great Barrier Reef acts as an enormous breakwater. Trinity Beach was very quiet, with it not being peak school holiday time, families with children were not around. The accomodation is mainly apartments and there are a few restaurants scattered around. It doesn't seem to be a party holiday spot for young adults, probably a good thing for those looking for a relaxing holiday destination!

I even got my little touch of history with these signs down by the beach. Trinity Beach during World War II was used as an amphibious training camp. 

Main road into Trinity Beach from National Highway 1, looking back towards the mountains and rainforest.

As it's an area that seems to be set up for families with the type of accomodation it offers, the foreshore has a playground and barbecue areas, I'm sure that during school holiday time the area must be busy and bustling. During my visit it was quiet, relaxing and very laid back!

(None of these photos are filtered, the sky really was that vivid shade of blue!)