St. Saviour's, Kuranda

A little church in the rainforest

St. Saviour's Anglican church is a little gem in Kuranda's main street. It's set amongst the souvenir shops that cater for the tourists who spend a few hours in Kuranda. I like what the church represents, a community that came together to build a little wooden structure that was their church.

I like the simplicity of the church, even the bell that would ring in the congregation, is on a low wooden frame, no mighty bell tower for this little church!

The church has an active congregation and it's beautifully maintained.

It offers some tranquility for those who want to take some timeout from being a tourist.

The church has some lovely stained glass windows, they look as though they are quite recent.

Churches were always a central point to any community and that's what St. Saviour's represents to me. As a tourist it's just a nice little refuge to enjoy during a busy day.