2016 Favourites

Looking back on the places and events I saw in 2016, here are the ones that stood out as favourites for me.

I visited Shanghai for the first time and really liked it, to the extent that I want to go back and have a longer visit. I only saw a small part of it, the weather was beautiful the day I arrived and managed to get this great picture. 

Nanshi, the beautifully restored old Chinese area of Shanghai. What made it even more special was that I didn't even know it existed! Sometimes it's good not to over research a place you're visiting! I was going to the Yuyuan Gardens which are in the Nanshi area, so was delighted to see the surrounding traditional buildings. Really beautiful and now something I highly recommend to anyone visiting Shanghai.

Sunset at Karon Beach, Phuket. Just stunning each night, a lovely way to end each day.

Old Phuket Town, Sino-Portuguese homes. Another surprise as I just thought of Phuket as a beach holiday area and knew nothing of its past. Discovered Old Phuket Town with its interesting architecture going back to when traders and miners came to Phuket to work in the tin mines.

The lightshow at Gardens by the Bay was an absolute highlight of 2016. I love the area anyway, but this year I found out about the lightshow which is synchronised to music (the night I was there it was music from musical theatre), it was just fabulous! And all free! Singapore still has my number 1 spot for best Asian country to visit!

The Drawing Room at Martindale Hall, an English stately home in the middle of the Australian rural landscape. I hadn't visited in years so was nice to see it again, and to marvel at its 'fish out of water' setting!

The wetlands at Banrock Station, I'd been meaning to visit for quite a while and it was nice this year to have lunch at the restaurant and then stroll around the wetlands.

I saw two exhibitions that I really enjoyed, both to do with fashion.

Ayers House Museum in Adelaide, capitalised on its successful Miss Fisher exhibition in 2015 to bring the costumes from the film The Dressmaker. Loved the film and loved the costumes even more!

The Viktor and Rolf exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. Great exhibition and what made it great, was not just the outfits displayed but also all the video footage of the parades themselves. It really gave someone like me who's not really into haute couture fashion, an understanding and appreciation as to the theatricality of fashion and fashion design.

Not an exhibition but an experience. I loved the Butterfly garden at Kuranda, there's something really uplifting being surrounded by lots of pretty butterflies fluttering around you.

A perennial favourite of mine, the Mortlock library, just love it! These are the second floor study areas.