Best photos of 2016

Photos are the best way to preserve memories when travelling, here's a selection of the ones I thought were the best from this year.

Sunset at Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

The Mortlock Wing of the State Library of South Australia.

I took this just after ANZAC Day so the War Memorial had all the wreaths around it. I made it black and white as I posted it on instagram and then noticed the old gentlemen sitting by the memorial in the photo, it added a touch of poignancy to the picture I thought.

Second Falls at Morialta Conservation Park. This was taken after a heavy fall of rain so the falls were in full flood.

The night of the 'supermoon' where the moon was close to the earth and looked larger and brighter. At first I didn't think that we could get a good look as heavy cloud was forecast, but the cloud lifted. I just took this from my backyard, no filter on the picture.

This photo was high on my list of favourites, taken as we were coming in to land in Singapore in the early evening. No colour correction or filter and picture taken with an iPhone.

Another plane photo, the Barrier Reef from the air. My favourite part of flying to Japan when I lived there was the day time flight on a clear day, as the flightpath went right over the Barrier Reef and you could look down on it. To me it looks like opal, different bits of pale opal on a blue background.