Jacob's Creek Wines

Barossa Valley, South Australia

Some of the best known Australian wines overseas are the Jacob's Creek variety. They're particularly popular in the UK among university students, as they're the cheaper wines sold in supermarkets there. One time one of my UK visitors wanted to do a pilgrimage out to the winery in homage of all the Jacob's Creek wines she drank during her university years! There is an actual creek, called Jacob's Creek and the main road goes over the creek. I'd taken people out to the spot where there's a sign saying 'Jacob's Creek' on the main road, but this recent visit I noticed the signs have been removed! Perhaps it had become a safety hazard with too many young tourists posing with the sign on a main road.

With the popularity of the Jacob's Creek brand, the parent company Orlando wines built a new visitor's centre on the banks of Jacob's Creek. For anyone who really wants a picture next to the creek with the sign, it's now possible to do it, after entering the visitor's centre grounds.

The visitor's centre has an exhibition area with displays on the history of the winery. The Jacob names comes from the first English settler who established a farm on the banks of a creek at the area named Roland Flat, in 1840. His name was William Jacob, so the creek was known as Jacob's Creek. In 1847 a German immigrant called Johann Gramp bought land at Jacob's Creek and planted vines to establish the vineyard that's still there now.

The tasting area, even late in the afternoon there were still people trying the wines. There is a restaurant at the other end of the complex.

On one side of the visitor's centre there is a deck that leads into a native garden walk.

From this angle the visitor's centre does have the appearance of an airport terminal! But I loved the patio area with the chairs, particularly the beanbag seats. On a summer's day it was just a perfect place to sit with a glass of wine and enjoy the scenery.

View of the vineyard and surrounding hills from the patio.

A city sign, a good place for tourist pictures!

Sign and view, a very pretty scene.