Skycity Grand Hotel

Auckland, New Zealand


I think it's safe to say any hotel that has 'Grand' as part of its name is in the expensive range! Not quite the luxury hotel range (as in ridiculously expensive) but it is nice to have a few 'treat' hotels in your hotel itinerary!


It's part of the Skycity casino complex next to the SkyTower. The hotel is a few minutes walk from the main shopping area and about 10 minutes walk from the waterfront areas. An extra bonus for people like me who have no sense of direction is that finding your way back to the hotel is easy, you just look for the SkyTower and head towards it!

View from room window, the tower was close!


This is what the hotel labelled the 'Premium luxury room'.

The bathroom had a separate bathtub and shower, most hotels now seem to have removed the bathtub and just have large walkin showers.

The hotel had 3 restaurants, a large bar and lounge area which was very popular as it was always full of people. There was an indoor pool, with a gym next to it and a sauna and spa.

Optional extras

The hotel was attached to the convention centre, it had a day spa and offered airport transfers (you paid for them)

 There was a 'smoking deck' for smokers.

Whilst in the upper range of what I would pay for hotel accomodation, it was a nice treat hotel to stay in and briefly enjoy the facilities it offered. The location was convenient and the staff were very helpful. A good place to stay in Auckland.