1847 wines Chateau Yaldara

Barossa Valley, South Australia

Childhood trips to the Barossa Valley marked Chateau Yaldara as another favourite to visit. Not so much for the wines when you're 10 years old but rather for the 'chateau'. It had that european storybook feel to it. Needless to say, it did come as somewhat of a shock when, as an adult I found out the 'chateau' was built in the 1950s! The winery itself dates back to 1947, as a postwar German immigrant, Hermann Thumm, established it on the banks of the North Para River. The company that now owns the winery calls it 1847 wines Chateau Yaldara. The 1847 refers to the date the area was carved up and made available to European farmers. Yaldara apparently is the local indigenous people's word for 'sparkling'.

Upon entering the chateau, you find yourself in the main tasting room. Local produce is also sold here.

There are 2 smaller private tasting rooms, either side of the main room. It's all very English gentlemen's club in decor!

Hallway to the cellar, or as I referred to it, 'the bottle room'!

The garden area has the appearance of an older winery, it's pretty and restful.

Winery buildings with the Chateau Yaldara crest on them.

The winery's restaurant is called 'Hermann's' after the original owner. There's outdoor seating which looks out onto the garden, it was late afternoon when I visited and there was quite a convivial group of friends seated there having enjoyed their lunch!

The vineyards coming into the winery.

Road arch with the 1847 wines branding. Chateau Yaldara, 1847 wines can be found at Lyndoch in the Barossa Valley. Coming from Adelaide, the turn off is the road named after the founder Hermann Thumm Road before you get to the township of Lyndoch.