Desert Gardens Hotel, Yulara

Ayers Rock Resort


There are 4 price levels of accomodation at Yulara: camping, dorm rooms, mid priced hotel and 5 star hotel. The Desert Gardens is the mid priced hotel, for that you get your own room, onsite pool, restaurant and bar/cafe. Yulara is situated in a remote area and so that makes everything more expensive as it has to be transported in, the price of accomodation reflects that.


It's the first hotel as you enter Yulara, so for bus pickups and drop-offs, staying at this hotel means you're first for both! Yulara is 10 minutes from the Ayers Rock airport and 10 minutes from the entrance to the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.


The rooms are spacious, there's a minibar, tea/coffee facilities, and bottled water is provided.

Most of the rooms were spread out at ground level and they have small patio area. The 2 storey rooms, have a balcony.

Looking across to the pool from the patio.

The theme of desert gardens is used with naming the various accomodation blocks, the complex is quite large.

Covered walkways provide shade to the outdoor entrances to the rooms.

The pool area

The pool has a small bar next to it.

Optional Extras

There is a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel and vice versa.