Gardens round the world (part 2)

More pictures of flowers!

Hampton Court, (Henry VIII's palace) the garden in spring. London, U.K.

Big beautiful rhododendrons at Villa Carlotta, Lake Como, Italy.

More Villa Carlotta, the garden in spring, wisteria climbing up a large tree.

I know these flowers as "Naked Ladies" as they flower in summer after the leaves all die away. In the winter months the bulbs throw up the leaves, but no flowers. But I've also heard them called Belladonna lilies, they can be found in old gardens, they're an old fashioned flower. I really like them and dug up the bulbs from an old garden, you can't really buy them. Location, my backyard!

Camellia's at Newman's Nursery, old camellias planted up the hill. Adelaide Hills.

Begonia, Pukekura Park in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Big Staghorn, in the garden at Carrick Hill, Adelaide, Australia.

Topiary dog in the garden at Thorngrove Manor, Stirling, Adelaide Hills.

This tree fascinated me, the one tree had white blossoms and then some pink ones. Summer Palace, Beijing, China.

Neighbourhood tulips in Tokyo, Japan. This was a small children's playground in a Japanese neighbourhood. I love tulips, Keukenhof the tulip festival in The Netherlands is on the Bucket List to visit one day!