Great beaches (part 2!)

A few more of the great beaches I've visited

Kata beach, Phuket Thailand.

Cinque Terre, Italy. Monterosso al mare, the only Cinque Terre town with a beach. This picture taken from the Hotel La Spiaggia room balcony, the hotel is directly infront of the beach. The beach is a lot more crowded in summer, it's a sea of beach umbrellas. I visited in late April, and the beach was fairly empty!

Horseshoe Bay, Victor Harbor South Australia

Trieste with the hills of Slovenia in the distance.

Trieste, the beach area called Barcola. No sand here! Rocks and concrete platforms but still packed with people in the summer. The city of Trieste in the middle of the picture.

Boomer Beach, Port Eliot South Australia. A popular surf beach, called 'Boomer' as the waves 'boom' in I think!

Sunji Beach, Lopud Island Croatia. Absolutely loved this beach, catch a ferry from Dubrovnik to this island, it's worth the walk from the port to this beach. It's a rarity, a sandy beach in the Dubrovnik area.

Aldinga Beach, South Australia.

And then nearby the Port Willunga Beach. Both well loved beach holiday locations for Adelaideans.

Finally one of the suburban Adelaide beaches, Semaphore. (So named for the semaphore flag code that was used to signal ships coming into Port Adelaide)
Path through the sand dunes to the beach.

The Semaphore jetty.