Stangate House, Aldgate South Australia

A delightful house and garden in the Adelaide Hills

Just ten minutes up the Freeway from Adelaide is the National Trust property, Stangate House. It wasn't one that I was familiar with, but thanks to the most recent National Trust magazine I was made aware of the property, and went to have a look the last Open Day they had.

The house and garden were gifted to the National Trust by the Reverend Raymond Cornish and his wife Gwenyth Cornish. The land had belonged to Gwenyth's family and when she and her husband returned to Australia from England, they built their retirement home at Aldgate. The house was built in 1939 and the Cornishes then went about creating the garden with the help of Raymond's sister Elsie Cornish, who was a garden designer.

With the cooler temperatures in the Adelaide Hills they were able to create an English garden with deciduous trees, bulbs and a profusion of camellias!

The National Trust received the property in 1970 and from 1977 the Camellia Society Adelaide Hills, has managed and further developed the garden.

The garden covers an area of about four acres and there are paths to walk around and enjoy what it has to offer.

Grasshopper on a camellia.

The Camellias were just stunning and some varieties were huge!

There is a creek that flows through the property and the Cornishes planted bluebells on its banks. Just a bit too early for them when I visited in late August.

My favourites, red and double petals.

Looking across the lawned area to the house, the bank of azaleas were just beginning to flower.

The National Trust have maintained the house, it now has a new roof and air-conditioning and it is used for different events. On their Open Day, afternoon tea was being served in the main room. The house isn't particularly grand, it's a 1940s house with some period furniture and items.

The Reverend's room, complete with old organ! This room overlooks the garden.

The garden is open every Sunday in September by the Camellia Society Adelaide Hills. The National Trust also has Open Days and the property is a popular location for weddings and and other community events.