London, United Kingdom

A few days of wandering around.

London is one of my favourite cities to visit and I've been here for the past few days. This is a collection of photos from my wanderings.

Buckingham Palace and the Queen Victoria memorial, which annoyingly gets in the way when trying to take a photo of the Royals on the balcony at Trooping of the Colour!

Looking up The Mall towards Buckingham Palace. At the Trooping of the Colour, each of the flagpoles has a Union Jack on it, I've also seen The Mall dressed up for a State Visit. The flag of the country making the visit are on all the flagpoles. It all looks very impressive!

This was a Sunday, as I was walking up The Mall a random group of people came past riding penny fatherings!

Statues of George VI and Queen Elizabeth on The Mall. Took a picture of these statues as I've just watched the series 'The Crown' and that included a scene where the King George statue was unveiled. After Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother died her statue was added. So that they statues matched, as the Queen Mother lived to 101, the statue is her in her younger days, not her as a very old woman.

Entrance to The Mall, until the other day I had been under the impression this was Marble Arch. It's not, only realised this when I looked at a map and Marble Arch was at a different location!! Further research states that this is Admiralty Arch, built by Edward VII to commemorate his mother Queen Victoria. So one end of The Mall has the Queen Victoria statue (in front of Buckingham Palace) and the other has this arch, all dedicated to Queen Vic.

Autumn in Green Park, a pleasant place to stroll from The Mall to Piccadilly.

Trafalgar Square with Nelson's Column. 

Tower Bridge, photo taken from London Bridge, the new version of London Bridge opened in the 1960s. The older one got sold and then reconstructed in Arizona! That's HMS Belfast on the right, a former naval ship now open to visit.

St James's Park, Birdcage Walk, more autumn leaves!

A squirrel eating, there are some well fed squirrels and ducks in the park!

Wellington Arch, came across this today when walking to the Hyde Park Corner Tube Station. Triumphal arches were all the rage in the 19th century.

Entrance to Hyde Park, the grandest entrance! There are others.