An incredibly simple dessert to make!

Time for a 'lifestyle' post! My most common 'go to' dessert recipe is tiramisu, it's very simple to make and delicious every time. There are also variations that can be included to make it even more delicious! Tiramisu isn't something you cook or bake, but rather assemble.

Tiramisu means 'pick me up' in Italian and the original recipe uses Mascapone cheese (a cream cheese). I've always just used cream.

Basic ingredients

Savoiardi biscuits (also known as sponge finger biscuits)
500ml of thickened cream (double cream)
instant coffee to taste
sugar to taste
sprinkles, chocolate powder, cake decorations

  • Boil water in kettle, pour into a medium bowl and add instant coffee, around 2 level tablespoons is enough. Less or more depending on amount of water and how much you like the taste of coffee!

Allow your coffee mixture to cool. If you put the Savoiardi biscuits into the hot coffee they disintegrate rapidly! You need cold coffee.

  • While the coffee is cooling, whip the cream, add a level tablespoon of sugar to the cream and whip.

  • Once the coffee mixture is cool, it's time to assemble the tiramisu. Dip the biscuits into the coffee mixture, don't leave them in too long or they disintegrate! (timing is everything in the making of tiramisu!) A quick dip in and out, enough to soak the bottom of the biscuit but not right through.

  • Lay the biscuits next to each other on the plate you plan to serve the tiramisu on. However many biscuits you use will depend on the size of the plate.

  • When you have all the biscuits lined up, put on a layer of cream.

  • Dip and soak the biscuits in the coffee mixture again and layer on top of cream. 

  • Add another layer of cream.

  • Another layer of biscuits and finish off with layer of cream.

  • After you finish layering, you can decorate with sprinkles, cake decorations. You can leave the sides exposed so you can see the layers or if there's enough left over cream, cover the sides with the cream so it looks like a solid cake.

The finished product.


instead of coffee, dip the biscuits in orange juice, and place slices of canned peaches in the cream layers. This variation is spectacularly delicious! Although a bit fiddly as the peaches slide everywhere!

Add chocolate or cocoa powder to the cream to make the cake more chocolatey.