The Imitation Game at Bletchley Park

The Imitation Game

Bletchley Park exhibition

I watched the movie The Imitation Game on my flight to London so needless to say I was delighted when I arrived at Bletchley Park to find they were hosting a temporary exhibition of the movie sets and costumes. The exhibition ends in November and is being held in the mansion's ballroom.

With the movie so fresh in my mind it was lovely to see the various props and some of the costumes.

These costumes were the school uniforms used in the scenes from Turling's boarding school years. The dress was worn by Keira Knightly, along with the suit by Benedict Cumberbatch. 

Small props including the ring that was fashioned for a temporary engagement ring in the pub scene where Turling proposes to Joan.

The village pub.

Props including a newspaper and battered sheet music, nice attention to detail.

A 'bombe' machine was created for the movie, and some artistic licence was used as it was called 'Christopher' to link it with the storyline of Turling's school days. (He may or may not have had a friend called Christopher.)

The ballroom of the mansion has a beautiful ornate ceiling, harking back to the days of country house balls.

It was a nice surprise to be able to see the props from a movie that I'd only recently seen and thoroughly enjoyed.

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