Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas

Port Douglas, Four Mile Beach

(It was named pre-metric conversion!)

Tourism came to what was the very small fishing village of Port Douglas thanks to a beautiful stretch of beach, called Four Mile Beach. (Australia does use the metric system, but the beach was named pre-metric conversion which happened in the early 1970s, so it's not Six point whatever kilometre beach!)

The beach is hard packed sand so it's possible to ride a bike the length of it, a cyclist went past when I was on the beach. Charles Kingsford Smith (famous Australian aviator) landed on Four Mile Beach in 1932. It was also used for planes to land when bringing the mail from Papua New Guinea, the first airmail service. (Helpful information brochures! I read them all!)

This was the town end of the beach, Macrossan street end, the beach then goes south to the resort end.

Looking south toward Cairns. When I saw this picture it reminded me of something a Japanese friend said on her first trip to Australia. "Big sky!" Not something I really thought of or was aware of, until she pointed it out.

I was fascinated to see on the beach these small round holes with balls of sand around them. I assumed they were done by crabs. I've since researched it, they're made by ghost crabs. The crabs come out at low tide and feed on the nutrients in the sand, when finished they create a ball with the left over sand and throw it over their backs! I didn't see any crabs, just the holes and balls.

Those elevated piles are sand balls around a circular hole, all made by a multitude of small crabs!

Another piece of Australiana, the public BBQ. These were dotted next to the beach for people to use, there are picnic tables nearby.

An amazing old tree, it's a Moreton Bay Fig. Those are aerial roots coming down from the branches to help support the tree. A favourite tree for children to climb, there were some trying to climb this tree on the other side!

Lovely as the beach was, the hotel room had pool access from the decking so that meant more time spent at lounging by the pool than the beach!