Soi Romanee, Old Phuket Town

Soi Romanee

Old Phuket Town

Soi Romanee is the oldest street in Phuket Town, it more of a lane way between 2 roads. I entered from the Thulong Road entrance.

When Phuket had a thriving tin mining industry, Soi Romanee was home to many brothels that were patronised by the Chinese miners. Today it's a pretty little lane with many photo spots. Apparently it's regularly used for wedding photos and fashion shoots.

Soi Romanee was the first street in Phuket Town to be restored, the overhead electrical wiring is all underground. The majority of the buildings have been restored and there's a niche market for people who want an old style tourist experience, with guest house accommodation in the street.

The building with the balconies at night gets lit up with lights that change colour so the building itself looks purple, yellow etc. It's very pretty.

Some of the buildings, such as this one, look as though they've been restored quite recently and a new use hasn't been found for them yet.

There are a few examples of some unrestored buildings as well.

The lane is a pedestrian zone but it seems cars can park there! Soi Romanee is a nice little addition to strolling around the historic area of Old Phuket Town.