Shanklin Old Village

On the Isle of Wight

Shanklin hadn't really been on my list of places to see on the island, I had considered some accomodation there but discounted it as it was some distance away from the ferry terminal. It also looked more of a summer holiday type of place, with stretches of beaches. But one of the positives of staying in B&B accomodation is that you chat to other guests over a shared breakfast. My first morning on the Isle of Wight my breakfast companions were a New Zealand couple, they told me that Shanklin had been recommended to them and they were off that morning to have a look.
Late that afternoon having some time to spare I thought I would do the drive to Shanklin (about 20minutes, it's a small island!) and see for myself. I was expecting beaches but not the quintessential English thatched buildings scene that I encountered!

I had found what's known as Shanklin Old Village, most of the buildings were now teahouses, pubs or restaurants all catering to the visitor market. But regardless it all looked gorgeous!

As I went down to the beach I passed by 'Shanklin Chine', speaking to the owner of the B&B I pronounced it as 'sheen' like the French word for China. (I did wonder why it would have the French name for China!) She corrected me as said it was pronounced 'chine' (rhyming with 'nine') and I've since found out (thanks to post visit research!) that chine is an old Isle of Wight word for a ravine. I just saw the tea house at the chine, but you can walk into it and there are pathways and waterfalls.

Shanklin Chine

The Chine is one of the oldest tourist attractions on the island, and this year it celebrated 200 years of visitors coming to see it.

Going down to the beach

Shanklin ended up being quite the delightful surprise, had I not had the morning chat over breakfast I probably wouldn't have gone to see it. 

It was lovely and I recommend that anyone who visits the island put it on their itinerary. I wish that I had arrived earlier in the day and I would have gone through the Chine as well.