Tasman National Park, Australia

As the name suggests, to be found on the island of Tasmania!

The southern part of the island of Tasmania is well known for its convict transportation historical past. The 'jewel in the crown' of this era of Tasmanian history is the former Port Arthur penal settlement. The drive from Hobart to Port Arthur takes about 90 minutes, the settlement was established on a peninsula which is attached to the mainland by a narrow piece of land now called 'Eaglehawk Neck'. This made the location perfect for the prison as it was easy to guard, the water around Port Arthur was cold and treacherous, the only land escape was narrow and guarded by a 'dog line'. Dogs deliberately left hungry and kept in a line along Eaglehawk Neck.

Crossing through Eaglehawk Neck I noticed a sign for the 'Tasman Arch' is was only a few kilometres so thought it might be worth the detour. 

The Tasman Arch, you can drive right up to the lookout point, so very easy to get to it.

Looking back to Eaglehawk Neck.

Close by the Tasman Arch there was a different sign for Fossil Bay and the Blowhole. So off I went on another detour!

From the lookout at Fossil Bay.

Still at the Fossil Bay lookout, this time looking back to the mainland.

The Blowhole didn't have water going up into the hole in the roof of the cave. I was there at the wrong time as it needs to be high tide and rough for the water to be pushed through the blowhole. So I just got splashing water pictures!

The road from Eaglehawk Neck passes along Pirates Bay, which is quite sheltered as the day I went through it was windy but the water looks calm. This strip isn't part of the National Park as there are holiday homes built opposite the road.

The Tasman National Park takes up a portion of the peninsula where Port Arthur can be found. These sites were at the northern tip and all close together, so they made for a nice detour. I had been to Port Arthur before and just drove in from Hobart and didn't stop and then drove back, this time I was happy that I was curious enough as to what various signs had on them to go and explore a bit. Well worth it for some lovely Tasmanian scenery.