Hotel Senigallia

Skopje, Macedonia

View from the boat, the Bridge of Civilisations in Macedonia, with the historic Stone Bridge in the background.

Having stayed in a lot of different types of accommodation when travelling, I'm always on the lookout for something different. Hotel Senigallia fit the bill perfectly. It's a boutique hotel in a boat, I loved the idea of staying in a boat hotel. (It's concreted in so doesn't move!) There are only 18 rooms so the guests receive a very personalised experience, in a great location.

Macedonia is quite cheap so the hotel was an excellent price, it was 90AUD. Very reasonable for its location and the price included breakfast.

Fabulous location in the centre of the city of Skopje. It was opposite a selection of riverside cafes and restaurants, a stroll away from Macedonia Square and the historic Stone Bridge. Five minutes from the Old Bazaar. The airport bus is closeby.

The rooms are ship's cabins in the style of the glory days of liners that crossed the seas.

Compact with all the standard features of a regular hotel room. Good free wifi and breakfast was included in the price of the stay. So even better value for money! There was a nice buffet breakfast with plenty to choose from.

The bar where breakfast was served.

Looking down on the outdoor seating.

Optional Extras

The entrance lounge with ornate staircase up to the bar and restaurant area. There is also an elevator that takes you down to the rooms, very important when travelling with luggage!

Loved my stay in this hotel!