UNESCO World Heritage Sites

How many have I been to?

Sydney Opera House
Opened in 1973 after a decade of construction. There were some disputes and the internal part of the Opera House was changed from architect Jørn Utzon's original plan. Most people tend to find the external iconic view amazing and are somewhat underwhelmed by the internal!

Port Arthur Historic Site
Tasmania's most visited tourist attraction, wonderfully presented, the boat trip around the harbour adds another dimension to the visit.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
Seeing it in real life makes quite an impression as you get a sense of the size of the rock. The whole area is well set up for tourists and that adds to the experience of being there.

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia
Europe's oldest and deepest lake, a popular holiday spot for some Europeans but still unknown by most Western tourists. Very pretty and worth visiting before the hordes discover it!

Euphrasian Basilica, Poreč Croatia
Dates back to the 4th century and has been restored, there's more than just the basilica to see in the complex.

The Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland
Amazing the see the hexagonal shaped rocks, some are imbedded in the ground and others rise up as hexagonal columns. It's run by the National Trust so if you're a member, entry is free.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
All of the old town is the heritage site, a beautifully preserved walled city on the Adriatic coast. Extremely popular with tourists, in the summer months there can be several cruise ships unloading day-trippers so it gets very crowded. The old town is best experienced early in the morning or either the beginning or the end of the main summer tourist season.

Summer Palace, Beijing China
A truly beautiful site to experience, it's huge as well. The main buildings have all been restored and they're stunning with all the colours of the decorative work.

The Temple of Heaven, Beijing China
Another beautiful site in Beijing, not as large an area as the Summer Palace, but again many of the buildings have had their gorgeous artwork restored.

The A-bomb dome, Hiroshima Peace Park Japan
A stark reminder of the dropping of the first atomic bomb, Peace Park is wondrous when you look at the trees, flowers and grassed area. It was thought that nothing would grow in the zone where the bomb had exploded, it shows the resilience of nature. Spring is a good time to visit as the azaleas are all in bloom.

Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore
It was this sign stating that the gardens were a UNESCO World Heritage Site that got me thinking about how many I had visited. I went through some photos to come up with this selection, it turned out I'd been to quite a few!